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How to Create A Gallery Wall

How to Create A Gallery Wall | Twinspiration

We had so much fun creating this gallery wall! We plan on filming in this area so we really wanted to make it our own. We bought most of the pieces at Hobby Lobby and they almost always have a 50% sale on art. Because of the sale, each piece was under $15.00! In total this gallery wall only costed us $35.00, which makes it a great weekend project!

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Here is the price breakdown of each piece: 



  1. Gather your supplies
  2. Lay the craft paper on the ground, trace each piece of artwork, and cut out the templates.
  3. Take your artwork and create your desired arrangement on the ground first, to get a good idea of how your art will look on the wall.
  4. When you finalize your arrangement, tape the templates on the wall in the same order.
  5. Hammer one nail into the top, center of each craft paper template. Depending on each piece of art, you may need to use more than one nail.
  6. Rip all the templates off the wall. Hang each piece one at a time and level it.

How to Create A Gallery Wall | Twinspiration

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    07/25/2016 at 7:51 am

    Enjoyed your gallery idea!!!

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