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Fall Weekend Vlog | Oct. 27th + 28th

Fall Weekend Vlog | Oct. 27th + 28th • Twinspiration

To be honest we haven’t vlogged too much in the past because we’re working pretty much all the time. We both have full-time jobs and then on the weekends we focus on our photography clients, shooting for this blog, and filming for our YouTube channel. With that said we’re recently realized we need to scale back and take some time for ourselves. A couple weekends ago we decided to go apple picking in Oak Glen, which is about an hour and…

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Travel Vlogs

Nashville Trip Recap + Vlog

Nashville Trip Recap | Twinspiration

If you follow us on Instagram you know that we took a trip to Nashville in early October. The trip kind of happened on a whim. Our best friend Alyssa and her bf Max were planning a trip to Nashville to see Ed Sheeran and she casually asked if we wanted to come. We had to book the Air BnB THAT DAY, so we had to decide quickly, which is so out of character for us. But alas, the four…

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Travel Vlogs

Punta Cana 2016

Punta Cana Vlog | Twinspiration

If you follow us on social media, then you already know that we traveled to the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago with our boyfriends for our bestie’s wedding. Punta Cana to be specific. Britta and I aren’t really beach vacation people, but when your best friend/former roommate/most caring person you know asks you to stand by her side on her wedding day, you say yes and you go wherever she wants to go. Well, we are so glad Chay…

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