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What We’re Thankful For…

What We're Thankful For | Twinspiration

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Thanksgiving has slowly become our favorite holiday. While we like to reflect on the things we’re thankful for all year long, it’s amazing to have a holiday dedicated to gratitude (and good food). For today’s post, we just wanted to list some things in our lives that we’re thankful for, big or small, in no particular order. Britta | I’m thankful for… My loving Boyfriend, Tommy (and his amazing family) My twin sister/all-around life partner/other half, Carli…

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Living Monthly Recaps

October 2017 Recap

October 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

October had to be the craziest month we’ve had all year, in terms of changes. On a whim, we decided to move. We actually loved our apartment in Hollywood. It was super modern with huge windows, hardwood floors, and tons of natural light. However, we didn’t realize how hard it is to live on the 5th floor with a pup. Not to mention our elevator is slowwww. It became such a nuisance to take her outside and it made us…

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Living Monthly Favorites

Fall Favorites 2017

Fall Favorites 2017 | Twinspiration

A few year’s ago Jaclyn Hill started a Fall Favorites tag on YouTube and we jumped on the train. We loved making that video (not going to link it because it’s really embarrassing tbh) and decided to bring back the tag! We didn’t quite stick to her specific prompts. as we made a more general fall favorites video that’s lifestyle focused! I feel like you can tell how much fun we had filming this based on how passionate we get about the…

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Los Angeles Fall Bucket List

Los Angeles Fall Bucket List | Twinspiration

You guys already saw this coming, but there is no season we like more than fall. During summer we constantly complain about the heat and daydream about the cool autumn breeze. Fall is probably everyone’s favorite season, so we hope you all will enjoy this post. We’ve seen so many fall bucket lists on Pinterest that we wanted to do something unique to our city. BTW, it’s still strange to call Los Angeles our city. The best part about fall…

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Living Monthly Recaps

September 2017 Recap

September 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

September was definitely a low-key month for us, with a few exceptions. Honestly, these months are the best. When life is just normal and you can exhale, but you still have key events to look forward to. Graduation/Avila Beach Trip My boyfriend Tommy graduated from the Los Angeles Recording School on the same weekend that we went up to Avila Beach with his mom for their annual trip. The night before the graduation we went to dinner at The Sit…

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