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Best Everyday Blushes | Twinspiration

To be honest, we’ve been finding it hard to think of video ideas as of late. We’re not that skilled when it comes to tutorials and on most days we go for a natural look. So we enjoy making videos about our favorite products because we’ve tried so many and we’re very choosy when it comes to makeup. So we hope you enjoy all of our favorites videos and product roundups because we think that’s our sweet spot when it comes to YouTube!

So for today’s video, we decided to share our favorite blushes with you. We each narrowed it down to four, for a total of eight. Carli prefers mostly high-end blushes and most of mine are from the drugstore ironically. I try to stay away from talc due to an allergy so I base a lot of my picks on that. However, the blushes I choose still perform beautifully!

We also want to mention that the 8 blushes we pocked as our favorites were due to formula AND shade. There are some blushes that we love but we can never find the right shade for us! We hope you enjoy! xx, Britta

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