Best Amazon Buys | Winter 2019

Best Amazon Buys | Winter 2019

It’s that time again where we share with you all of the best things we have purchased from Amazon! These videos have been a true hit on our YouTube channel so we are doing them 4 times a year. This will be the winter edition of 2019 and it’s a good one!

We are consumers at heart and are always looking for products that will make our lives easier or improve it in any way. Amazon is filled with products like that. I’ll share one item you’ll see in the video, this silicone loofah that has really transformed our lives for the better. Sounds dramatic but we are truly huge fans of this thing. Britta had purchased it because she had just been grossed out for traditional loofahs for so long. They just sit damp in your shower for hours on end and in order to stay clean, you have to replace them fairly often. She immediately fell in love with this silicone upgrade as it is more compact, doesn’t hold onto water, naturally more anti-bacterial and easy to clean so can be used for long periods of time. She convinced me to pick one up and I am hooked too. I will never go back to those gross, traditional loofahs. Oh, and bonus – it’s under $10!!

I know you’re ordering it right now and dying to see what else is in the video so grab a snack and watch the newest edition of our Best Amazon Buys series!



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