Best Amazon Buys | Fall 2018

Best Amazon Buys | Fall 2018- Twinspiration

We’ve posted two other Amazon favorites videos and they are by far our most popular uploads! We asked you guys how often you’d like to see these and you said quarterly would be best. So here we are with an updated Amazon favorites video!

We try to focus on lifestyle favorites. Items that you can use on the daily to make your life easier. We love searching Amazon for random gadgets and innovations. There are so many “didn’t know we needed” products on this list. We also love to search Amazon for cheaper alternatives to our daily necessities. We recently found the best cleansing oil. It’s only $10 which is so much more affordable than our go to one from Dermalogica.

We’re thinking of doing a video dedicated to all the beauty products we’ve found (and fallen in love with) from Amazon. What do you guys think of that? Let us know down below! xx, Britta

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    11/24/2018 at 5:00 am

    The 52 lists for happiness is my favourite journal I absolutely love it!

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