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Monthly Recaps

Summer 2018 Recap

Summer 2018 Recap | Twinspiration

Instead of doing monthly recap posts, we decided to do a recap of the entire summer. As you will read, we had an extremely eventful summer! Wedding #1: Addy & Pat At the beginning of June, we headed to Stone Harbor New Jersey for the first wedding of the summer. Addy has been a great friend of ours for about 9 years now and there was no way we were missing her wedding, even if we had to fly across…

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Monthly Favorites

August Favorites 2018

August…what a month! Every year I say August flies by faster than every other month (even February). I went into this month planning for my mid-month trip to Iceland with my BF James and his fam (post on Iceland will be up soon). I don’t really love traveling and get very uncomfortable and anxious as trips approach. I do always love it as it’s happening, but hopefully, you know what I mean about the anticipation and planning. Because I barely wore makeup…

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The Fall Staple Every Girl Should Have In Their Closet

The Fall Staple Every Girl Should Have In Their Closet | Twinspiration

If you can’t tell, Britta and I are pretty short. I’m 5′ 3″ to be exact. Because of my height challenges, it is nearly impossible to find rompers and jumpsuits that fit correctly. They are almost always too long and fit awkwardly in the torso section. But, I have found luck with rompers in the past, and was determined to find the same luck eventually with jumpsuits. And you guys – I found a jumpsuit that works for me! It’s this unique…

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Reviewing New Beauty Releases

eviewing New Beauty Releases | Twinspiration

Ah the new beauty releases just keep coming! It’s that time of year where early fall launches are starting and we are not complaining. Thankfully, we’ve been gifted a lot of product recently and we’ve been purchasing quite a bit on our own too. We’ve been testing all of this new makeup, and we wanted to share our thoughts. Some of the items in the video are very new and some are just new to us. I will say that…

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Beauty Monthly Favorites

July Favorites 2018

July Favorites 2018 | Twinspiration

We spent so much of July out in the sun, or just relaxing at home that we didn’t wear too much make up the whole month! Whenever we have months where we just aren’t doing makeup that often, we always reach for the same products when we do put on makeup. So picking favorites this month was pretty easy. Like last month, our makeup this month fell into the bronze and glowy category. We also have some brush favorites, which…

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