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Saturday Vlog: Shooting At A Studio

Saturday Vlog: Shooting at a Studio | Twinspiration

We’re trying to do more weekend vlogs as we think you like them and it’s the only time we do anything remotely interesting to film! The particular weekend, we were shooting our new Dyad Candle launch (our perfume oils, shameless plug) – and wanted to show you what a shoot day looks like for us. this was actually our first time renting a studio and we will 100% be doing it again. We loved how much we got accomplished in…

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2021 Color Trend: Sage Green

2021 Color Trend: Sage Green | Twinspiration

I’ve never been a huge green fan until I saw it pop up all over this year. Versions of sage green – some more muted and some a beautiful blend of dusty green and blue = perfection. I’ve had my eye on this pale sage green blazer but haven’t pulled the trigger on the green trend until I stumbled upon these gorgeous trousers on my weekly Zara browsing. The pants actually come in a wide range of stunning colors but…

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Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Face Liquid Sunscreen Review

Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Face Liquid Sunscreen Review | Twinspiration

We’re always testing new mineral sunscreens – especially affordable options you can find at the drugstore. When we saw this new mineral sunscreen from Cetaphil, we both knew we wanted to try it since it sounded promising but were skeptical as we’ve never been that into Cetaphil products. I don’t want to spoil the entire video but we were pleasantly surprised by how much we love the finish and overall experience using this sunscreen. Mineral sunscreens are getting better and…

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Dyad Perfume Oils Launch

Dyad Perfume Oils Launch | Twinspiration

We have another launch from our brand, Dyad Candle…our perfume oils! We started working on these a year and a half ago and the idea came before we even launched the brand! We had a strict vision in mind that we wanted to create luxury, everyday personal fragrances in an alcohol-free base and of course, we needed a triangle bottle. After lots of ups and downs and countless hours of work, it all came together and we are SO very…

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PSA Heroine Toner Review

PSA Skin Heroine Toner Review | Twinspiration

We rarely review skincare on our channel because usually, we have to use something for a long time to see results and skincare is so personal to skin type or what issues you’re trying to target, so it’s really hard to recommend products unless it’s something everyone needs like a moisturizer or daily spf. Products that target specific concerns are usually not a one-size-fits-all situation. However, I made an exception for this toner because wow – I don’t want to…

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