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August Favorites 2018

August…what a month! Every year I say August flies by faster than every other month (even February). I went into this month planning for my mid-month trip to Iceland with my BF James and his fam (post on Iceland will be up soon). I don’t really love traveling and get very uncomfortable and anxious as trips approach. I do always love it as it’s happening, but hopefully, you know what I mean about the anticipation and planning. Because I barely wore makeup on the trip, I actually didn’t have a ton of favorites this month. Britta shared more than I did in the video, but overall it’s a short list for us.

I did, however, discover my new travel buddy – my new travel backpack from Everlane. When I went to go link it, I realized they had just discontinued the one I have and replaced it with this one which is waterproof (probably better anyway). I have taken SO many trips this summer and every time I bring a tote along as a carry on and every time I regret it. It gets so heavy on my shoulder and because it doesn’t zip I worry about things falling out. I knew I needed to find a backpack for traveling and I found it. It was my first time ordering anything from Everlane but the quality is so good, I’m really impressed! I got this particular backpack because it has a laptop sleeve (which I always travel with my laptop) and a front pocket which I need for holding my phone and wallet when traveling so I can easily access my boarding pass and I.D. when going through security. I truly can’t travel without it now. It’s definitely my most favorite item this month and it’s not even beauty related! To see what else we’ve been loving (in the beauty space), watch the video below.

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