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April 2017 Recap

April 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

You may remember that last month was superrrr slow for us. That wasn’t exactly the case this month. Any month with a holiday is usually a little more exciting, right? Let’s take a look at what we did in April!

April 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

Em Cosmetics Launch Party

For those of you that don’t know Carli works on the marketing team for Em Cosmetics. She essentially planned their whole launch party so it was such a treat for the four of us to go and enjoy it together. It was held at The Smog Shoppe in Culver City which is a gorgeous venue. If you’re planning a wedding in Los Angeles Seriously. The best part was definitely the aura photographer. We had never had our aura read and it was such an interesting, unique experience. I’m so proud of Carli, and all of her hard work really paid off!

April 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

We got a new lens! 

When we first started our photography journey we invested in a 50mm lens (the nifty fifty) and a 24mm lens. That way we could interchange them depending on what we were shooting. When we upgraded to the Canon 6D we found that our 24mm lens no longer worked and had to use our 50mm for EVERYTHING. If you know photography you know that the 50mm is meant for photographing detail. So it wasn’t ideal for landscape photos or even outfit photos. We finally gave in and decided to get the Sigma 35mm lens. We have heard such amazing things about this lens and decided that it was worth the hefty price tag. While it literally doubled the weight of our camera we are loving it! It takes such crisp, clear photos and we honestly don’t know how we lived without it!

April 2017 Recap | Twinspiration


On any given holiday you’ll most likely find us in San Diego because our boyfriends both have family there. And if you’ve been following us for awhile you know that we lived there for five years so it’s always nice to go back and catch up! On Easter, we had brunch at my boyfriend Tommy’s parent’s house. His dad makes the best eggs benedict so it was such a treat! We also brought Luna along and she was loving their back yard, which happens to be a golf course. We are now making it a life goal to have a large backyard for her to play in. It was a beautiful day and a nice break from reality.

We hope you had an amazing April! 

xx, Britta


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    05/03/2017 at 10:14 am

    I’ve been looking to get something other than my 50mm (like you said, it’s great for food and stuff like that, but horrible for landscapes!). I will have to check out the 35mm, though might need to save up first haha

    Julia –

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    Reflecting on 2017 | Twinspiration
    12/28/2017 at 8:49 am

    […] Back in April we invested in the Sigma 35mm lens and it has vastly changed our photography for the better. […]

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