2019 Best of Beauty: Makeup

2019 Best of Beauty: Makeup | Twinspiration

This year is officially coming to a close! I hope everyone has fun plans for NYE. We are going out to a nice dinner then staying in to create our vision boards for the coming year.

As always, we filmed our best of beauty video for you guys! This year we did one whole video dedicated to makeup and another dedicated to skincare/haircare/bodycare, that video will be going up soon.

I feel like we say this every year but I feel as though this year, more so than other years, we discovered so many holy grail products. We have a few repeats from last year as well that refuse to be de-throwned.

I’m stuck in such a routine now using all the products in this video, it’s going to hard for me to switch it up at all. But as every year closes and a new one begins, I’m excited about what 2020 will bring, including new makeup launches.

To watch our full video (it’s a long one!), click below!

xx Carli 

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