Sing Your Song. Dance Your Dance. Tell Your Tale

Hello everyone! We’re Britta & Carli Garsow, twins that are lovers of life and perpetual optimists. In our 24 years of living we’ve accumulated an array of favorite things, that we would like to share with you. This blog will showcase everything from our favorite food (cookies, obviously) to our favorite beauty products.  Hopefully we can inspire you to go out and try new things, because that’s what makes life exciting!



29 responses to “Sing Your Song. Dance Your Dance. Tell Your Tale”

  1. Alyssa Lesatz

    love your blog! you girls are obvi the best twins in the world!!

  2. Lee Ann Garsow

    Beautiful blog! Your time and creativity is well displayed, EXCELLENT!!!! Love you soooo much!! Mom XOXO

    1. Carli Garsow

      Thank you mom :)

  3. Bonnie

    Beautiful site girls!!! You two are so creative and adorable….

    1. Carli Garsow

      Thank you! We try lol

  4. candy

    Great idea girls. I can’t wait to hear about beauty products. Good luck on your new project.

  5. wendy

    I really like your blog!! You can succeed in anything you put your minds to. I am excited to follow you girls!!

  6. Lee Ann Garsow

    I will be the first of many to “like” this, awesome job as usual my beautiful twins daughters. So very proud of you both, you always continue to amaze me!!

    Mom XOXO

  7. Julia Flaherty

    Your website is so beautifully lain out. It looks like a magazine spread of some indie dream. It’s gorgeous. Congratulations on the success of your site! Best wishes in your continued efforts. Check out my blog if you’d like. I’d sure like you to if you get the opportunity to. The photographs of the two of you are very telling of each of your personalities. You did a good job being characteristic in that way; elements like these are very evident throughout your blog. Great work ladies!

    1. Carli Garsow

      Thank you so much Julia! We appreciate your kind words, it means a lot to know people are enjoying our site :)

  8. Desiree Kraft

    This is Awesome! I love the both of you :) You’re BEAUTIFUL inside and out !!

    1. Carli Garsow

      awe thank you! You’re a beauty too :)

  9. Kelli Andersen

    I love this so much! You two are so adorable <3

    1. Carli Garsow

      Thank you! You should blog, you’re so fashionable :)

  10. Cassie C

    I just spent the majority of my afternoon going through your blog and it’s glorious! So cute, thoughtful and entertaining. Your style is impeccable and your writing is delightful, easily one of my new favorite blogs!

  11. Britney Weronka


    1. Carli Garsow

      Thanks, Brit! Love you too! Look at our new post (Fruity Pebble Bowls) we got a new camera and are really proud of the pictures! :)

  12. candy siebert

    I love your beauty suggestions!!!!

    1. Carli Garsow

      Thanks, Candy! <3

  13. Lee Ann Garsow

    Awesome job “Twinkies” !!

  14. Candy Siebert

    Looking for a great self tanner. I tried one from bare minerals I love but wondering if there’s anything out there as good for less money???

    1. Carli Garsow

      I haven’t tried one recently but I’ve heard great things about Tanwise from Sally’s Beauty, I think it’s only $10!

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