This $6 Product Is All You Need For Perfect Brows

At first I felt really silly about writing a whole blog post on ONE PRODUCT. Especially since Carli and I pride ourselves on having so many favorites (something our S.O's will never understand). But when something is this good we have to showcase it! Brows have become so popular that it's caused … [Read more...]


DIY Makeup Brush Holder

As our addiction to makeup has worsened our makeup brush collection has grown (and grown, and then grown some more). As most of you know our allegiance to Morphe Brushes runs deep, as does our love for trying new brushes. We were in Michigan recently where we stopped at the store and lo and behold … [Read more...]


How To Customize Your Snapcode

Anyone else not the biggest fan of the Snapchat yellow? Britta and I wanted to put our Snapcode on this blog's sidebar & our social accounts so people could easily follow us, but the yellow just didn't fit with our brand. I searched high & low for tutorials on how to customize your Snapcode … [Read more...]


Best of Maybelline

https://youtu.be/T9Bxl17T-iA Watch this video on YouTube | Shop this post HERE Over the past couple of years we have collected a TON of makeup. Some we've purchased, some we've been able to test out thanks to this blog, and some we've gotten from our day jobs (we both work in the beauty world...go … [Read more...]


How to Be Your Happiest Self Now

Most of the time this blog is very surface layer. We don't dive into our personal lives too much, or the issues of the world. But we feel like we have a good grasp on the millennial generation and we've always been great at dishing out advice so we'd love to share some with you. With that said, … [Read more...]


Best Rosés for Summer

Chandon Limited Edition Rosé | Yes Way Rosé Summer Water | XoG Rosé Wine | RELAX Pink | Grifone Rosé | Albero Spanish Rosé | La Ferme Julian Vin Rosé | Chateau D'Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé Carli and I first tried Rosé about a year ago when it first started to become trendy, and it's been our … [Read more...]


June Favorites

https://youtu.be/0KaSlaoN6ys Watch this video on YouTube here | Shop this video HERE We know we're late uploading this video but better late than never, right?! Even though this video is our shortest favorites video EVER, June was a great month for discovering new products! Every beauty line on … [Read more...]